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When discussing the specifics of church missions programs, it is critical to begin by understanding the motivation behind missions. A proper understanding of “God’s Mission” will result in a more deeply rooted missions program, and ultimately in a more effective gospel witness.

From the beginning of time, God purposed to bring glory to his name by gathering together a people who would worship him in spirit and truth. That group of people would be composed of every color of skin, every language, and every ethnic group because the unity of such a diverse group who have little else in common but their allegiance to God brings him honor. Upon his departure into heaven, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, extended to his church the command and the privilege to participate in the gathering of God’s people.

This mission is the great task to which the church has been commissioned and must be its primary occupation until Jesus returns.

In this book, you will learn the following:

  • • Understanding the motivation for missions
  • • Biblical principles for an effective missions program
  • • Developing leaders for your missions program
  • • Developing a strategy for an effective missions program
  • • Communicating an effective missions strategy
  • • Evaluating the effectiveness of your missions program
  • • Missionary outreach in closed countries
  • • Adjusting your missions program
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